Robert Wright
Street & Sanitation Superintendent

The City of Abbeville Public Works is committed to ensuring its residents enjoy clean neighborhoods in which our citizens and children can live and play. This department is also dedicated to the maintenance of our city streets and walkways to ensure safety to residents and visitors as well as preserve and enhance the beauty of Abbeville. This department functions under guidelines developed by the City Council and operates daily under the direction of the Mayor and City Clerk.

The Public Works Department will continue to offer solid waste services  that are collected and disposed of in a safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost effective manner. It is our mission to offer our residents the exceptional customer service that they deserve. Please offer any questions or comments regarding your solid waste collection or the maintenance of city streets and walkways to the City of Abbeville Public Works Superintendent.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of items that may be picked up by the City on the trash route for limbs and debris. Materials going to the landfill must be sorted into two categories. The City has to follow the State of Alabama rules for debris going to the Henry County landfill. Failure to comply with these rules can mean fines of $15,000 or more. The Henry County Landfill is a Construction and Debris landfill only. No garbage, paper trash or rubbish will be taken to this landfill.

Construction Debris: Rock, limbs, leaves, dirt, concrete, trees, clothes, card board boxes, non treated lumber, tires, bed mattress, pillows, furniture, shingles, fiberglass boat (stripped of all metal and accessories), sheet rock, books and files, flexible duct work, plastic not contaminated by food, medical, and/or hazardous chemicals, oil, or paint.

White Goods/Metal Goods appliances such as stoves, washers, refrigerators, sheet metal, fencing, wire, copper, aluminum, tin, cast iron, lawn mower, etc. All metal must be stripped (example: tires must be off rims) ( The Landfill cannot take hot water heaters, electronics, paint, paint cans, treated lumber or batteries, light poles, no electronics, canned or wrapped food, food particles, PVC glue, adhesive glue, florescent light bulbs, household trash, medical waste.

 If you have dirty, hard plastic such as buckets, electronics, paint cans, or similar items, they can be put out with your regular household garbage for pickup. Please remember that Construction & Debris items are picked up by the flat bed truck or the knuckle boom truck on the specific route you live on. These items must be separated from regular household garbage. Failure to separate them will result in the items not being picked up.

Household garbage is picked up weekly on your regular route. You also have the option of taking your trash/garbage directly to the Southeast Alabama Solid Waste Transfer Station located on Highway 431 North towards Eufaula. Please help us hold down costs by keeping trash and garbage sorted and separated. This allows us to provide more efficient and cost effective services to you.  Please call the office at 585.6444 if you need further assistance.

Trash and Garbage Pickup Schedules

Abbeville Trash Collection Route

Abbeville Garbage Pickup Route

Holiday Pickup: The City has put into affect a new holiday pickup schedule as of January 2011. Garbage will now be picked up the day after your regularly schedule pickup day when it falls on a holiday. For example: If your regular pickup day is Monday and it is a holiday, your garbage will be picked up on Tuesday. All other days will be as scheduled.

Leaves and Limbs: Leaves and limbs are picked up on a revolving cycle throughout the city. Once leaves and limbs are picked up during a given week, the truck does not return until the next week.  Leaves and limbs must be left in front of your house, behind the curb and not on the street or across the street.

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