Stroll along streets paved in history, dine at an old fashioned soda shop, and spend time in a place where the world seems to slow down.

Bethune-Kennedy House
300 Kirkland StreetThis rare, duel front door, double pen Creole cottage was constructed circa 1840 on the military Three-Notch Road, now Kirkland Street. It is the oldest structure in Abbeville. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. For years, it housed the Abbeville Chamber of Commerce.

Pioneer Cemetery
100 Columbia Road
Visitors may enter the gates behind the First Baptist Church playground.
Originally named the Abbeville Pioneer Cemetery, its oldest marker burial date is 1841. The City of Abbeville purchased the land for $125. The cemetery was renamed the Yatta Abba Pioneer Cemetery in 1983 in remembrance of the many prominent Abbeville and Henry County forbearers resting beneath this historical and hallowed burial ground.

Abbeville United Methodist Church
Doswell Street and East Kelley Street
The sanctuary was built in 1896. It still houses the origi-nal belfry bell. It has six leaded stained-glass windows: Shephard and the Lambs, Praying Hands, Window of Saints, Music Window, Galloway Window, including what is believed to be a Tiffany Glass window, Soldier and Angel placed in memory of William S. Parker after his death in1918. The Pilcher pipe organ, was operated with hand bellows until well after 1928. The Parquet ceilings and window frames are hand-carved wood. Today you can hear music playing from the bell tower each hour.

McSwean’s Men’s Shop/Freeman Shoes
121 Kirkland Street
Window displays include antique button shoes and neon signs found in stores during the 1950s.

Rane Furniture
123 Kirkland Street
Window displays include old radios, TV’s, furniture, bicycles, piped in music and other memorabilia.

Dine and Shop Downtown

Huggin’ Molly’s Restaurant
127-129 Kirkland Street
Abbeville native Jimmy Rane opened Huggin’ Molly’s restaurant in 2006 as a way to let younger locals experience life as he knew it growing up in the 1950’s. The fix-tures were originally in a Pittsburg, PA., drugstore that had been built in 1926. In the mid-eighties, a full set of fixtures was purchased by a collector, who removed them to his California home to enjoy. At his death, Rane bought the entire collec-tion at auction and transported it to Abbeville where it now resides intact. Today, Huggin’ Molly’s welcomes a regular flow of visitors to enjoy sweet treats from an authentic soda fountain, along with delicious meals and a trip down memory lane. fake Rolex The atmosphere is a step back in time, thanks to an incredible collection of an-tiques and memorabilia, as well as delightful favorites from 1950s music. The name recalls a local legend that dates back generations. Stop in for a delicious lunch, coke float or ice cream Sundae!

Jimmy’s Barbeque

103 Kirkland Street

Excellent barbeque, pizzas, hamburger steaks, and sandwiches

Money’s Grill

110 Kirkland Street

Excellent variety of food featuring grilled chicken, hamburger steaks, and grilled pork chops

Dogwood Abbey
107 Kirkland Street
Adult women’s clothing, tunics & leggings, home décor, iron works for lawn and garden, costume jewelry, purses

Town Square Shoppes
111 Kirkland Street
Gift items, baby items, home décor, Abbeville themed souvenirs

Evan & D’s
113-115 Kirkland Street
Wigs, shoes, Aault clothing, costume jewelry, hair accessories

2nd Time Around
Methodist Thrift Store
137 Kirkland Street

Stay in Abbeville

Guesthouse Inn, 1237 US-431 S, Abbeville, AL 36310

Phone: (334) 585-5060

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